How storytelling became diagnostic, therapeutic, and explanatory tools

A notebookSometimes I run out of stories, so I turn to read, which is the raw material for writing. I found in the mail a link to an article from an Israeli daily business newspaper “Calcalist,” by the title “Storytelling Festival: Prof. Ron Shachar presents the surprising administrative tool of the present era.” I do not know Prof. Shachar, but it seemed to me that he is not a literature scholar, so what does he have to do with a “storytelling festival”? Stories are the raw material of literary theory throughout the ages. However, for some time now I find the term ‘Narrative,’ adopted by various domains, so much so that it has become a buzzword. For example, prosecutor’s arguments in court are a narrative, a story.

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The frequent traveler and the loyalty club

First classTourism services are shifting. Booking a hotel used to be quite simple, just a phone call. Online options have complicated everything! You can use one of the leading tourism operators: Priceline, Booking or Expedia, or you can go directly to the hotel website. Nowadays, each hotel chain has a site and runs a “loyalty club.” The consumer collects points for each stay and can use them for discounts, free nights and other treats. The points system creates a consumer loyalty to the network since he must collect a minimum number of points to gain the benefits. The same method works for the big tourism companies. For example, Hotels awards its customers with a free night, for every ten nights booked, at an average cost of those. I testify that the method works and I have already used three bonus days.

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Why and how come the days fly by at a jet-speed


Just a Sunday. It’s the beginning of a new week. There’s a consensus that the days fly by at a jet’s speed. It’s difficult to understand the phenomenon. Why are the days passing at a quicker rate than ever before? To my understanding, it had to be the other way around – when I was engaged with children, students, studies, continuing education programs and meetings, parents, family, and friends the pace should have been much faster. And yet, that is not the case today, when I am retired, free to do whatever I want (at long last, Darling). The days are speeding now, maybe like the people who started flying at an astonishing frequency.

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Boutique hotels, designed and pampering, vs. industrial ones

Industrial hotels vs. Boutique hotelsToday, hotels are branded as boutique hotels and industrial ones. In the past, hotels were classified by stars and prices; The more stars the hotel had, the more expensive it was and the more exclusive. With the tourism boom, the major chains started offering boutique hotels too, yet under different brands. For example, the Hyatt chain turned out to be the “Hyatt World” hosting regular industrial hotels, but also boutique hotels: luxury, premium, health, lifestyle. Beyond the theme, the stars and the price (important, Darling, important) we should also take into account the services provided (free or paid), its location and brand.

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Canada as a refuge from the “July-August heat”

Thousand Islands cruiseCanada is a “state of refuge” by choice. That is how the Jews reached it at the beginning of the 20th century, as it welcomes the Muslim and African refugees nowadays. We chose it as a refuge from the July-August heat. As usual, I prepared a detailed plan according to cities, days, hours and places; However, the plan is flexible and open for changes according to the available time, and in light of we find in reality (and not on Google Maps, Darling). We landed in the evening in Toronto, and as usual, we picked up the car, ate dinner, and slept at the airport. Only in the morning did we leave. (Anyone who wants a prepared program is invited to write to me)

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The excitement of the first-time – football anyone?

A colorful clipart of a "first-time" baby-crawlingEvery year brings on its wings the excitement of new openings, however, as we grow older, the number of first-time excitements decreases. When we are young, there are a lot of new beginnings, accompanied by the excitement of our immediate surroundings and a bit of our own as well. The first time we turned around (Darling, the kid is a genius!); The first tooth (but the doc said he shouldn’t have fever); The first step (Darling, he must have shoes); The beginning day of kindergarten; The inaugural day of school; The first boyfriend; And the list goes on and on. But as one gets older, she has seen a great deal and experienced considerably and the first-time becomes rare.

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Cheap hotel’s prices?

a picture of Miller's Inn in IthacaEach time that we travel abroad as tourists, not to stay with family, we have to decide where to stay; Should we look for one central point from which we can go back and forth? Or perhaps we should sleep every night in a different place, and then we’ll be a bit like gypsies? As opposed to flights, where the price range is quite clear, accommodation rates vary immensely – whether you prefer an expensive hotel, a budget one, a bed and breakfast or a room at Airbnb?

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