Is the book’s format as a reading device doomed, or does it have a future?

A kindle - a reading deviceFor a long time, we are told repeatedly that the book as a reading device is doomed and that it will disappear. In the digital age of today, people read with the aid of electronic tools. There are general ones that we carry around all day, like the cellular phone, which is used by many for reading articles and news. Besides, there are dedicated devices, whose primary purpose is to serve as an “electronic book,” for example Amazon’s Kindle or Barnes and Nobel’s Nook.

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Sugar or Fat – That is the question – updated

yugurt&milkIf you carefully read the list of ingredients of any food, you’ll notice that the list generally contains sugar or one of its substitutes. I can understand why there is a need to add sugar to yogurt; natural yogurt, without additives, is made by adding to milk some bacteria, which feed on milk-sugar, lactose, and they secrete lactic acid. Acid is exceptionally sour thus many people have a problem with eating real yogurt. Ketchup with sugar understandable as well, that is what Ketchup is – a sweet tomato paste! But what is the logic of adding sugar to soy sauce, which should be salty? Or to chili sauce that has to be sharp? Continue reading Sugar or Fat – That is the question – updated

A human is not a tree; he can read, move and wander

a flowing mailboxThe Internet is crazily competing for our time with our other occupations. I don’t succeed in reading everything that is of interest to me, like email, Facebook, Instagram, as new ones are rushing in. There are so many electronic newspapers, mostly free and all about my interests’ subjects, what, not to register? So, every day I have two or three such publications suggesting a world of interesting articles.

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How concentration disappeared in the digital world

"The Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dalí, 1931,MoMA, concentration
“The Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dalí, 1931, MoMA

Concentration is one of the skills that disappeared in the digital world. Formerly, the recommended length of a lesson was about 50 minutes and centered around one subject. Today, however, it is recommended to change the subject or activity method every 20 minutes. Nowadays this is the significant concentration time length.  Formerly, I could sit and read, write, program and even think for hours without raising my head. Today, without any interruption, I actually have to push myself to remain concentrated, particularly if it does not interest me very much. What has changed since those days?

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Social networks way of creating “facts” – truths or legends?

Was Socrates invented by the social networks?
Socrates by Leonidas Drosis

Yesterday I received, on one of my social networks, the story about Socrates and his three filters. The filters should be used if you want to tell a friend something about another friend. If you haven’t heard it yet you are invited to listen. The tale teaches ethics. It’s moral is: “Great minds discuss ideas, mediocre talk about events, little people talk about people.” Undoubtedly, gossip is not a positive thing, though occasionally, we are all guilty of it.

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What is it all about?

The renovation to our flat, that took place some years ago, was so full of small insights, little incidents and a lot of stories so that when I shared them with my friends I was ordered to go and start writing a blog. I opened this blog in Hebrew and, looking back, I can see that I wrote quite a lot. I wrote about the renovation, about current experiences and events and about my travels. While all these subjects are relevant to my friends in Israel, some are interesting to my English-speaking friends too. So, I decided to turn this site into a bi-lingual one. I don’t promise anything but I’ll try to write regularly in English too.

The last word: welcome to my English blog!