Thailand – A combination between past and future

Floating marketThe markets in Thailand are an amazing phenomenon. You’d think Thailand was one huge market. In the evening many streets, that in the morning are regular, gray and steaming, turn into night markets. As if by magic, for miles on end, on both sides of the road, stalls are arranged to display all kinds of goods. Just imagine, every evening to arrange an endless number of beads and every night to pack it. The goods are varied: clothes, cosmetics, shoes, belts, bags, scarves, food cooked at the site, drinks of all kinds etc. Continue reading Thailand – A combination between past and future

Thailand – How to get there and where to start?

A tree in bloomOf all seasons, I like spring best, although, in Israel, it’s a season characterized by heat waves (Khamsin). While in autumn, heat waves are very hot and unpleasant, in spring time they are not really awful, just a moderate reminder of the coming summer, and there’s always the chance that a swift rain will come and wash away the dust and sand and clean up the air. The fun part is to see the trees begin to bloom, growing flowers in all colors, temperatures are mild, and humidity in Tel Aviv is bearable. After the freezing winter this year (everything is relative Darling), shortly before spring bursts, I search for places in which we can unfreeze a little.  Last year we went to South Italy because it is considered a hot place, but it was windy and cold. This year I have come to the conclusion that a tropical climate is the hottest, so why not Thailand? Continue reading Thailand – How to get there and where to start?