Download free photos as wallpaper for PC

The once used filmLike everyone else, we continuously take photos of our travels. Nowadays, images don’t cost any money and are so readily available. Thus, every trip is endlessly documented. We end up with an endless amount of pictures.

No wonder that we find ourselves swamped with photos. I always assure myself that when I return home, I will sit down, organize all the pictures, and leave just the best ones. But really, there are some fantastic pictures that I use as a desktop background, not to mention my private photographer’s images. So I wanted to share with you these photos, which are free to download and for non-commercial use only (copyrights, Darling). You are invited to use the free images as a desktop background for your computer. If you need any help with downloading and setting a picture as your background, here’s a link to some directions. Please feel free to ask questions and share the links below.

The last word: With time and travel, I will add pictures for downloading, so this space is worth a visit from time to time or, you can subscribe to my mailing list for updates (see the upper menu.)

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