Memory games for brain fitness and improvement

.המוח והזיכרון Brain and memoryThe prevailing opinion is that the brain needs exercise as much as the body needs training. Though research is still debating games’ contribution to the brain’s health, the general public, especially the elderly, embraced memory games warmly as they help in forming new neuro-connections, and preserving older connections. The aged population contends with memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s as it grows older and older. Thus, this population is ready to try anything in order to conserve their memory and boost it.


Though all games are considered memory boosters and guardians, some games are better for memory than others. For example, a crossword puzzle, which requires knowledge combined with a good memory. The crossword is very popular because it is available everywhere, in the daily paper for free, in dedicated cheap brochures, and online for free and for a fee. There is no doubt that a computerized crossword puzzle can be very pleasant as it is very easy to erase and make repairs and may even be checked instantly. (All three links above are to crosswords)

Math puzzles

קןקן - תשבץ חשבוני KenKen-board-sampleMath puzzles are sometimes much harder to solve, and therefore better. Though they don’t require a high level of knowledge in math, they require intense brain functioning. For example – Sudoku, and the 2048 puzzle, or the new cry, KenKen. KenKen is a kind of mathematical puzzle, that has specific “rules” and restrictions, which makes it complicated and requires intense thinking, even if not more mathematically difficult.

The purpose of the game is to fill rows and columns according to the desired numbers, which appear on the top left. Each number can appear only once in every row or column. For example, a KenKen puzzle that is 3 squares in size, uses only the numbers 1,2,3. The larger the crossword puzzle, the more numbers it will contain. This puzzle is two-step; In the first one, the number must be broken down into its components. The second stage must ensure that no number is written more than once in each row or column. Most websites allow choices: of the number of rows and columns, the type of mathematical operators, and the difficulty level.

Cognitive training websites

Many computer games are considered memory enhancers: Chess games, Memory games, etc. There are also dedicated companies that offer help in developing and strengthening memory. Most of them have free options and premium options. There are many apps that can be downloaded to your mobile phone. The ensuing list does not refer to any mobile apps.

    • A famous company engaged with brain training and memory-enhancing is Lumosity. The company’s website serves as a professional platform for the study of cognition in collaboration with scientists from around the world. The website offers various programs for using its paid games, but it also has a free program that allows you to play three free games a day after registering on the web.
    • A free web service that helps you “train your brain” is Brain Metrix
    • And another website hosting many online games to exercise the brain for free is Mindgames

I will love to hear from you my dear reader about brain fitness experiences and websites that are worthy of being added to this list.

The last word: “I consider that a man’s brain originally is like a little empty attic, and you have to stock it with such furniture as you choose.” Arthur Conan Doyle

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