An autumn sanctuary from the July-August Heat

Gold foliage in New Hampshire autumnAs is customary with us each fall, we are looking for a sanctuary from the July-August heat, on our way to family in the USA. The idea is not “to rest,” aka laze somewhere, but to travel and explore foreign territories. Still, the emphasis is on the weather, cool, please. At first, I thought to take advantage of the weather cooling and finally reach the southern states of America. Our way to these states is continuous, as we always talk about going there, yet we never arrive. We want to enjoy some jazz and country music and have a taste of the unique southern food, which is a combination of French, African and Mexican cuisine.

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How concentration disappeared in the digital world

"The Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dalí, 1931,MoMA, concentration
“The Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dalí, 1931, MoMA

Concentration is one of the skills that disappeared in the digital world. Formerly, the recommended length of a lesson was about 50 minutes and centered around one subject. Today, however, it is recommended to change the subject or activity method every 20 minutes. Nowadays this is the significant concentration time length.  Formerly, I could sit and read, write, program and even think for hours without raising my head. Today, without any interruption, I actually have to push myself to remain concentrated, particularly if it does not interest me very much. What has changed since those days?

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The excitement of the first-time – football anyone?

A colorful clipart of a "first-time" baby-crawlingEvery year brings on its wings the excitement of new openings, however, as we grow older, the number of first-time excitements decreases. When we are young, there are a lot of new beginnings, accompanied by the excitement of our immediate surroundings and a bit of our own as well. The first time we turned around (Darling, the kid is a genius!); The first tooth (but the doc said he shouldn’t have fever); The first step (Darling, he must have shoes); The beginning day of kindergarten; The inaugural day of school; The first boyfriend; And the list goes on and on. But as one gets older, she has seen a great deal and experienced considerably and the first-time becomes rare.

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Social networks way of creating “facts” – truths or legends?

Was Socrates invented by the social networks?
Socrates by Leonidas Drosis

Yesterday I received, on one of my social networks, the story about Socrates and his three filters. The filters should be used if you want to tell a friend something about another friend. If you haven’t heard it yet you are invited to listen. The tale teaches ethics. It’s moral is: “Great minds discuss ideas, mediocre talk about events, little people talk about people.” Undoubtedly, gossip is not a positive thing, though occasionally, we are all guilty of it.

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Cheap hotel’s prices?

a picture of Miller's Inn in IthacaEach time that we travel abroad as tourists, not to stay with family, we have to decide where to stay; Should we look for one central point from which we can go back and forth? Or perhaps we should sleep every night in a different place, and then we’ll be a bit like gypsies? As opposed to flights, where the price range is quite clear, accommodation rates vary immensely – whether you prefer an expensive hotel, a budget one, a bed and breakfast or a room at Airbnb?

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Tourist sites that must be visited (or not) 

מפרץ במיקונוס, ביוון. Mykonos bayThe Internet created the phenomenon of “independent tourism”, where people are planning their own trips; They buy flights, rent cars, and reserve hotels all by themselves, without the help of travel agents. No more organized tours that are mostly bus rides along incredible distances, or remote hotels that have a secret deal with travel agencies. Thus, nowadays, a conversation about traveling starts with the sentence: “Were you already in…?” Indeed, we are all excited by breathtaking views, historic sites, and welcoming cities, so much so that with time, a list of mandatory sites for travelers, part of which is based on “herd mentality” has been created. Sometimes the sites that are considered mandatory provide the goods, yet sometimes… (Public relations people have to make a living, too). Continue reading Tourist sites that must be visited (or not) 

Thailand – A combination between past and future

Floating marketThe markets in Thailand are an amazing phenomenon. You’d think Thailand was one huge market. In the evening many streets, that in the morning are regular, gray and steaming, turn into night markets. As if by magic, for miles on end, on both sides of the road, stalls are arranged to display all kinds of goods. Just imagine, every evening to arrange an endless number of beads and every night to pack it. The goods are varied: clothes, cosmetics, shoes, belts, bags, scarves, food cooked at the site, drinks of all kinds etc. Continue reading Thailand – A combination between past and future

Thailand – How to get there and where to start?

A tree in bloomOf all seasons, I like spring best, although, in Israel, it’s a season characterized by heat waves (Khamsin). While in autumn, heat waves are very hot and unpleasant, in spring time they are not really awful, just a moderate reminder of the coming summer, and there’s always the chance that a swift rain will come and wash away the dust and sand and clean up the air. The fun part is to see the trees begin to bloom, growing flowers in all colors, temperatures are mild, and humidity in Tel Aviv is bearable. After the freezing winter this year (everything is relative Darling), shortly before spring bursts, I search for places in which we can unfreeze a little.  Last year we went to South Italy because it is considered a hot place, but it was windy and cold. This year I have come to the conclusion that a tropical climate is the hottest, so why not Thailand? Continue reading Thailand – How to get there and where to start?

What is it all about?

The renovation to our flat, that took place some years ago, was so full of small insights, little incidents and a lot of stories so that when I shared them with my friends I was ordered to go and start writing a blog. I opened this blog in Hebrew and, looking back, I can see that I wrote quite a lot. I wrote about the renovation, about current experiences and events and about my travels. While all these subjects are relevant to my friends in Israel, some are interesting to my English-speaking friends too. So, I decided to turn this site into a bi-lingual one. I don’t promise anything but I’ll try to write regularly in English too.

The last word: welcome to my English blog!